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HISTORY – 2015: Daily ANswer Writing Challenge – 6

HISTORY – 2015: Daily ANswer Writing Challenge – 6


1)  “The continuity of the Indus Civilization into later ages was not confined to the religious and spiritual fields alone.” Analyse the statement. 1997 60M
2) Discuss salient features of the indus Valley Civilization. Mention important places from where relics of civilization have been recovered so far. Examine causes of its decline. 1999 60M
3) Analyze the elements of urban civilization in the harappan Culture. What factors were responsiblefor its decline? 2002 60
4) Discuss the distribution and significance of farming cultures outside the Indus system.60 2008
5)  Evaluate the significance of seals and sealings in the reconstruction of socio-economic and religious life of the Harappan people. 2012 30M
6) Discuss the water management and its conservation planning harappan (Indus-saraswathi) cities. 2013 20M


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