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UPDATE: UPSC Mains Self Study Timetable

Tomorrow at 3 pm we will post Mains Self Study Timetable and Strategy for Mains – 2015.

Hope you are going through Optional Subject. We hope the timetable which we are going to post tomorrow will help you streamline your Mains General Studies + Optional preparation in a productive way.

This timetable will be a slightly modified version of last year’s offline timetable (followed by toppers Nitish Rank-8, Neha – 26, Balaji – 36, Satish  – 97 and Madhu – 392 last year)

Well, we are mentioning these ranks to motivate you (not to boast). Except Nitish, all were literally freshers. If you follow this timetable, modifying it according to your requirements if need arises (for example, Nitish focused more on Optional, Essay & Ethics Papers), you can definitely improve your Mains marks.

More will be written on this in tomorrow’s article. At the same time, some doubts about the implementation of this timetable will be cleared too.

Meanwhile, we hope you are continuously keeping in touch with Daily Secure Questions (Yes, compilations are on the way!) and Your Optional Subject (We will start posting Optional Questions from Tomorrow). Please keep revising them.

Thank you & Goodnight!