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QUICK UPDATE: Regarding Mains – 2015 Preparation

Hope you have done well in Prelims. Many of you must be waiting for us to start Mains initiative. Before we begin Mains 2015 oriented initiative, which will take few more days to launch, we request you to follow few things and be ready for the challenge:

You know that scoring high marks in Optional subject is one of the deciding factors in getting a decent rank in this exam. Therefore, before we begin our Mains – 2015 program, we request you to devote next 10-15 days exclusively for Optional subject. You might have already read your subject, but it is time to start answering previous year questions. Next few days if you immerse yourself in your Optional subject – revising every bit of it, answering at least 5 years of previous year questions (this is must if you want to score above 250 in Optional subject) and again revising these answers or getting feedback on them – you will be very confident to focus on all GS and Essay strategy.  Please do not IGNORE Optional now. Switching to optional will also help you provide you much needed change you were needing after hectic prelims preparation.

Yes, from coming Monday we will again start Optional Daily Answer challenges. If you send us compilation of questions of your Optional subject in a Microsoft Word format, preferably all questions categorised Topic-wise, we will begin posting 2-3 questions every day without fail.

Some of you might already have such a document. If you send them, it will be very helpful for the aspirants community. Please send them ASAP to this email ID: insightsonindia at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance.

Also, please try to answer as many as Secure questions possible every day. It is a matter of 100 days hard work. The amount of hard work you put now will help you land in Top 100 even if you score less in interview. The more you read and write now, the brighter are the chances of getting selected with a good rank. Believe us, you don’t want to get any other rank than the one that ensures IAS/IPS/IFS. You want to be a topper and this is your moment.

You already know what to do and what not to do. It is time to implement it and go for the kill.

Happy Preparation for Mains.