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FREE DOWNLOAD: Last Five Tests of Insights Tests Series – 2015

We are posting last five tests from our 2015 Test Series (500 Questions)  tests for last minute revision. Please note that these are for REVISION and not for SOLVING. If you are confident of solving and not worried about scores, please go ahead and solve them.

We are providing PDF files as it is better to open both question paper and solutions in two tabs in your browser side by side and read them.

General tendency is to download materials and keep them for ‘future study’ and later forget them. We hope you spend few hours and revise these tests now itself.

There is also corrections document at the end. If you have doubts, please go through it.

2016 aspirants can also try their hands at these tests. You will get taste of upcoming Test Series and this will help you to know which areas to focus while reading books and current events.


Twenty Ninth Paper
Thirtieth Test
Thirty First Test
Thirty Second Test
Thirty Third Test