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Lok Sabha TV Insights: Terror and Pakistan

Lok Sabha TV Insights: Terror and Pakistan


06 August 2015

                                  Only a few days after attack in Punjab, terror again struck, this time in Udhampur, near Jammu. It is first such attack in this area in a decade. It’s clear that terrorists are finding it quite hard to pierce security in their conventionally preferred regions. In this attack, a terrorist trained by Lashkar-e- Taiba has been caught alive, which is first such instance after 26/11 attacks.

Our security establishment is still insensitive to such issues. It was baffling that media was given direct access to the terrorist. Hindustan Times even claims to have spoken to father of the terrorist through the mobile number given by terrorist. To interrogate a suspect and to investigate case is prerogative of investigation agencies. Now much about the terrorist is in public domain. Instructors of this terrorist in Pakistan will surely try to purge the evidence of involvement. Otherwise, NIA might have confused them about his identity by keeping it secret.

After formation of new government in India, anti-India elements in Pakistan have emboldened. This owes to effort of new government to give special attention to issues and development of Jammu and Kashmir. It is well known that it was developmental neglect of the area which precipitated in violence in the valley. It was only later that violence developed ideological moorings backed by Pakistan.

Radicals in Pakistan also got fresh life after China reaffirmed its commitment by voting against India on Lakhvi issue in UNSC and by entering in economic partnership with Pakistan. Further, world is recognizing Pakistan’s central role in resolving uncertain situation in Afghanistan. So, more financial and other assistance may be forthcoming. By this all, Pakistan seems to be testing resolve of new Indian Government and also reaction of international community. For the time being both are giving encouragements to these people.

India is giving befitting reply of repetitive border ceasefire violations. New government has decentralized command structure for response to such provocations. By this BSF has made ceasefire violations quite expensive for Pakistan. It is believed that such violations are done to provide cover to infiltrating terrorists. It appears that with new policy of response by BSF, intruders have changed their routes to less suspicious frontiers.

Notwithstanding these attacks, National Security Advisors of two countries are going to meet this month. Panel unanimously asserted that this meeting should not be cancelled in any circumstances. Such meetings don’t mean that India is engaging with Pakistan. India can on other hand combat terrorist like it has done earlier. Snapping talks with Pakistan, in no way helps in our fight against terrorism.

In India and also in world, it is well known that Pakistan is sanctuary of terrorism. Be it Afghanistan, Iran, China or India, almost all terrorist attacks have something or everything to do with Pakistan. But similar narrative is going on in Pakistan. Fanatic elements there attribute all violence to India. They are claiming India’s support to Tehreek-e-Taliban and MQM party which represents Muhajirs in Pakistan. At NSA meet both sides might discuss related evidences and might agree on some conclusion, though possibility of and lasting gain is quite low. This is because Pakistan’s NSA Sartaz Aziz is a civilian, while power is in hands of military establishment. Neither has he ever worked in Pakistan’s ISI. Military and ISI holds the key in Pakistan. In contrast, Indian NSA Ajit Doval has been chairman of RAW and is widely respected in all circles.

Pakistan’s Media has concealed recent development from its audience as there was almost no such report in Urdu Press. This selective reporting is serious blow to journalism. Media has central role in building relations in two countries. Such miscommunication results in masses living in a fools’ paradise. It was only recently that a Bollywood movie gave people of both countries something positive to talk about. It is imperative that amid this environment of suspicion and chaos, there should be cultural exchanges which make rational citizens aware of other side of the coin.