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Regarding Our Test Series – 2015 Scores and Concerns

Note: This article is for aspirants who have solved our Test Series Papers

During past few months, and more often now a days, we are receiving many mails where our Test Series subscribers have expressed concern over their scores. They say that they could score only 60 to 70 marks out of 200 in our tests. They would like to know average score or highest scores in our tests. Many feel that their result is discouraging and causing anxiety.

When we started our test series in 2013 (and then in 2014), we had made it clear that our tests will be more of guiding documents to let you know which areas to cover and how to cover them, especially NCERT and few standard books. We know that a Test is called as Test only when it provides an opportunity to assess one’s knowledge and helps him/her to know their weaknesses. But, we designed our tests in such a way that an aspirant after solving all our papers would have an edge over others, not because our questions are good, but because he/she would have touched upon all areas of the syllabus from where and how UPSC could possibly frame questions.

Our test series was also an effort to push you to read NCERT and other important sources, often neglected despite knowing their importance. We followed same strategy as we are following on our Self Study Guide. There was a timetable and you had to stick to it. Solving question papers was means to read and revise topics given in timetable.

Hence, we requested in 2014 also that subscribers of our tests should treat them more as reference material rather than tests where you are competing with someone, or with yourself.

After getting lots of feedback from many subscribers and our own assessment tells us that an average score in the range of 70 – 80 is an above average score in our all Tests this year. It is very rare that people have scored 100+ in our tests. If you are getting 80+, be assured of 100+ score in real exam.

But, one factor decides your score in reality, that is the number of wrong questions you have marked out of hundred questions.

If you have correctly marked 50-60 questions, it is better to make intelligent guesses in another 20-25 questions that too provided you have some idea about these questions. If not, never take a risk (or temptation) of attempting questions for which you do not answer at all. More negatives will seriously hamper your success in prelims.

Coming to our tests, we framed questions intentionally difficult (not all) so as to make you ready for any uncertainties.Therefore, please do not worry about your scores. Revise our questions and solutions as many times as possible. If you have kept them away fearing low scores, please open both question paper and solutions side by side and go on reading them (not solving). This way you will learn many concepts that might be asked on August 23.

It is never too late. Please go through them and prepare yourself better. We have covered almost all probable topics and we are pretty sure that if you make yourself familiar with all our questions, you stand a better chance to clear Prelims this year. Please forgive us if we sound like we are boasting, but as per the feedback of toppers, we are told that even during last minute our tests helped them revise all syllabus in very short duration of time and helped them gain confidence.

We have sent all tests till 32. Please check them under ‘Promotions’ tab, especially the test no – 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32. You will find them safely hidden there. (This is one reason why we are writing this article on the website instead of sending you an email! – we are afraid that this message too will go unnoticed in your inbox)

We accept that in each test there are typos and errors. We are preparing a document to address them. This will be sent along with the Last Test or immediately after it. This document will address most of your doubts.

So, cheer up and use remaining days for revision. Do not lose hope. You can clear this first hurdle. You just have to get up and get going. Wish you all the best.

In case you are a 2016 exam aspirant and accidently (or out of interest) reading this article, please note that we will be starting next Test Series from October 2015 for Prelims – 2016 on the same lines of Self Study Guide

For queries, please mail us at: insights dot exams at gmail dot com

Thank you.