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DAY – 46: Insights Self Study Guide for UPSC Prelims + Mains – 2015

DAY – 46: Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains – 2015

31 July 2015

Following Questions are Based on this TIMETABLE


NOTE: At present we are finding it difficult to frame more than Ten – Fifteen Questions. Hence, we will be framing one question from each chapter from Tomorrow (Instead of more questions from single chapter and ending up not covering all Chapters from Timetable)

Descriptive Questions

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1) How did tribal societies change after being organised into a state? Critically discuss. (200 Words)

NCERT Class VII, History Chapter – 7

2) Critically examine the socio-cultural factors that led to the emergence of Bhakti and Sufi movements in twelfth and thirteenth century India. (200 Words)

NCERT Class VII, History Chapter – 8

3) Which British Governor Generals played prominent role in consolidating British power in India during the eighteenth century? Discuss what policies they followed and how they implemented them. (200 Words)

NCERT Class VIII, History Chapter – 2

4) Describe the main features of the Permanent Settlement and also examine how was the mahalwari system different from the Permanent Settlement. (200 Words)

NCERT Class VIII, History Chapter – 3

Multiple Choice Questions Quiz

Welcome to the New initiative. The following questions are based on the topics we have given in this Timetable. For more challenging question papers (Full Length), please join our Preliminary Exam – 2015 Test Series (Please Click Here for Reviews)

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