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[Insights Secure – 2015] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Events: 29 July 2015

[Insights Secure – 2015] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Events: 29 July 2015

Archives – Secure 2015

29 July  2015

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General Studies – 1;

Topic: Social empowerment; Poverty and developmental issues; Capitalism

1) Despite mandated by legislation, it is found that private companies are spending less on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ activities in India. Critically analyse why. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 2

Topic: India and its neighborhood- relations

2) Should India have its say in ongoing Pakistan – Afghanistan peace talks? What are the concerns of India regarding these talks? Critically examine. (200 Words)

The Hindu


General Studies – 3


3) What do you understand by ‘Compensatory Afforestation’ in the Indian context? The recently introduced Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill, 2015 (CAF Bill) has given rise to many apprehensions amongst environmentalists. Critically examine what these apprehensions are and comment on the other objectives of the Bill. (200 Words)

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Topic:  Awareness in the fields of Computers, robotics

4) What do you understand by Autonomous Weapons? Recently, prominent scientists and entrepreneurs have called for global ban on these weapons. Examine why. (200 Words)

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Topic: Resource mobilization; Indian economy issues

5) Critically evaluate the performance of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and the factors that are responsible for their high stressed assets. Also comment if it is fair to compare and contrast their performance with that of private banks’? (200 Words)

The Hindu

Topic: Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.

6) Discuss the contribution of A P J Abdul Kalam to indigenisation and development of new technology in India. (200 Words)

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The Indian Express

General Studies – 4

Topic: Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions; dimensions of ethics

7) Critically discuss the ethical aspects of farmer suicides in India. (200 Words)

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The Indian Express