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Insights Daily Debates: Day – 1

Welcome to Insights Daily Debates. In a previous post, we have already outlined the motive behind this Initiative. Please use this initiative to introduce yourself to writing practice (in case if you were feeling hesitant to write till now), to refine your opinion on the given topic, to clarify your doubts regarding an issue, to understand the underlying concepts and, finally to develop analytical ability.

Please be respectful to others’ views. Do not use harsh words. Do not insult others. Give constructive criticism if you do not agree with a certain viewpoint.  Please do not write to impress others. Put forth your views in a logical way and support your arguments with suitable examples.

Thank you very much for giving us a huge list of Topics to Debate. We will compile the list and, here is a good news! – we will make a timetable of these topics and post it for your reference. As you will be knowing which topic would be debated on a certain date, you can prepare for the topic well in advance to debate it meaningfully. (This idea we got from you only. Thanks again!)

It will be great if someone (those preparing for 2016 or 2017) compiles all important points from the debate and sends us every day! We will post them on website and index them on daily basis.

Today’s Topic:

Fiscal Austerity vs Fiscal Stimulus: Is Austerity the Solution to Address Economic Downturn?


The Economist


The Guardian