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COMPILATION: Full Length Insights Current Events Quiz for Prelims – 2015

We post 3-5 questions daily with our current events. It might be difficult for you to individually open all daily current events and revise questions. Therefore, in the following quiz we have compiled first 100 questions that we have posted in this year’s current events.

We will post remaining questions including that from Self Study Guide as compilations. If you had regularly solved them, these compiled full length tests will be useful for revision.

Please forgive if there are mistakes. Few questions might be repetition too. Point them out in comment box and we request, especially  those who are preparing for 2016 to correct them. Thank you in advance.

Please read instructions below to know how to find answers once you finish the quiz.

Disclaimer: NOT a single question might repeat, directly or indirectly,  from these questions in actual UPSC exam. These questions are intended only for revision of previously posted questions and current events on this website.

Please refresh web page multiple times if the START button doesn’t start.


Welcome to Insights FULL LENGTH CURRENT EVENTS QUIZ. The following questions are compilation of current events based questions which we are posting daily on our website.

To view Solutions, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on – ‘Start Quiz’ button

  2. Solve Questions

  3. Click on ‘Quiz Summary’ button

  4. Click on ‘Finish Quiz’ button

  5. Now click on ‘View Questions’ button – here you will see solutions and links.