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MOTIVATION: Juggling A Job And UPSC Preparation

Hello folks!

It sure has been a long time since I got in touch with you guys. It has been a lot of running around. Feels good to be back and to be writing again. I shall try and answer the questions raised in my previous post here.

And today’s post is dedicated to the ones who are juggling being in a job and preparing for the IAS exams.

A lot of my friends had asked me this – Should I quit my job in order to prepare for the UPSC exams? Is there a way I can manage both since the job is important to me and I have responsibilities to fulfil.

Fair enough – the road to IAS does have a lot of challenges on its path and we all have our own individual challenges to face. If you are thinking how you should manage these two, here are a few thoughts

1) What does the exam need?

– Try and ask yourself this question – what does this exam need? GS, mains, optionals, interview – what are the basic factors it demands from you?

2) How much time do you need?

Experts say that for your prelims preparation, you do not need more than 6Hrs preparation on a daily basis. Even if you are in a job, you have to find ways to fill in these 6hrs for preparation.

3)  Quality over quantity.

Since you are working, you have an additional pressure as compared to the ones who are in a dedicated mode of study. For the dedicated ones, they can afford to work around their breaks. If you are working, you have a fixed time table and you need to train yourself to stick to that no matter what.

It is not going to be very easy but it can work in your favour cos you are trying to bring in maximum quality at minimum time. So make sure that you bring your best when you are with books.

4) Satisfying everyone

If you are planning to satisfy everyone, you are the last person to be satisfied and you will never  have enough time to prepare for the exam. Forget satisfying everyone around you. Align your priorities right. Know why you are doing this and how important it is for you. The stronger you are with your reason – the better motivation you have to get things in order.

5) Focus

You have to find better ways of time management. This is the only resource you have – remember, you are still competing against those who are studying full time. If you need to be on par with them, then you have to find ways to outclass them. You need to identify your strengths and resources and bring them all together.

Your time management skills are going to be put to test here. This post, Time Management: 10 Tricks for Absolute Mastery is going to come a long way in this preparation process.

The more focused you are, the better chance you have at making it through this exam. You got to play to your strengths.

Now that the other paper is CSAT, you have enough flexibility for time and you can still achieve with less time in front of books and more time doing the mock tests and improving your capacities. Mock tests are certainly a way to keep you on par.

Having said all these – UPSC is a great leveler, you are on the same lines as the ones who are preparing full time. You just need to play it smart and play to your strengths.. That will go on to make all the difference for you.

That’s for the day folks. If you have any issues on which you would like our insights, please let me know below and I shall come up with a post on the same soon.

Meanwhile you can keep up the motivational tab here – Vinspire