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Insights Offline Class Students Excel in UPSC Civil Services Mains – 2014 – Success Rate is 70 per Cent

We are extremely proud to announce that 14 out of 20 who wrote Mains Test series (offline) conducted by Insights at Bangalore, have  cleared Mains – 2014. That is 70% success rate. The credit goes to them for working hard and writing all the tests religiously. Few others though worked hard, could not make it this time. But, we are very certain that they will be successful in their next attempt.

We are happy that each one of the successful aspirants either called us or sent message to express their happiness on seeing their result.

A Brief Background 

On August 26, 2014 (as soon as 2014 Prelims got over), we announced our intention to conduct Mains offline Test Series. We posted a Feedback form with few questions for interested aspirants to fill and express their desire to join our classes. It was posted at 6.02 pm. And by 6.30 pm,  65 aspirants had filled the form and submitted it for consideration. We removed the post at 6.34 pm (because we just wanted 20). Out of them we chose 20 based on following criteria.

The main criteria was:

1) They should have at least written a Mains, if not, should have been a regular follower of Secure initiative, or a regular follower of the website.

2) They should be willing to come to Bangalore and stay here for 3 months

Because it was difficult for aspirants from outside of Karnataka to come and stay in Bangalore, and then again go back to their states to give Mains, we chose aspirants who were already residing in Bangalore (majority of them non – Kannadigas) and few from Hyderabad who were willing to come to Bangalore.

Of the 20, few (4-5) didn’t join our classes citing various reasons. But vacancies were later filled by others who came late and joined.

Out of 20 aspirants, six were freshers. Three had given interview once. Two were already successful in 2013 exam (One IAAS and other IPS). Others had written Mains (once between 2011 – 2013).

This brief introduction is to stress the point that Writing Practice helped them a lot irrespective of their background – whether fresher or an experienced aspirant. We didn’t conduct any entrance to choose them. We just wanted someone who could seriously follow our timetable, write all tests and follow our feedback. Our intensive Test Series was suited to aspirants who had already read substantial part of the syllabus at least once. Hence, we considered taking in those who had given at least one Mains.

We did not feed them any information. They did self study and excelled.

Below are the names of the Successful Candidates who participated in Insights Offline Test Series for mains – 2014 (We are not posting one name because that person requested us not to post his/her name citing privacy concerns):

1) Nitish

2) Neha

3) Seema

4)  Mahendra

5) Gagan

6) Swamy

7) Kiran

8) Madhu

9) Balaji

10) Naveen

11) Apoorva

12) Satish

13) Sameer

14) (Not Disclosing due to Privacy concerns)

(Names are randomly posted)

We, on behalf of Insights, and on behalf of all followers of, wish them all the Best for their interview. Their final result depends on their performance in interview. They need our (and your) wishes and support. They are all nice persons. We are very sure that they will do well in interview and come out with flying colours.

There are followers of the website who might have cleared Mains (we will never know who they are unless they let us know). We wish them good luck as well.

We would like to reiterate that we are just facilitators. It is their hard work which has brought them success. We do not claim credit for their success. We understand how hard it is to devote 2-3 years into this exam preparation, to go through many failures and then to emerge successful. It is all their pain, their gain.

We just conducted tests consistently, gave them feedback and asked them to improve wherever they lacked. They believed in us and worked hard. 80% of them attended all the Tests (either in class or at home).

Few things we observed: they were hard working, consistent, passionate and down to earth. They will become good officers for sure.

Other who did not succeed also possessed these qualities, but it seems somewhere something went wrong (very difficult to figure it out). As said earlier, they too will succeed. They should keep their hope alive and start again (though it’s boring and difficult). Failure should always inspire us to take up new challenges and come out as successful.

We intend to conduct Offline Mains Test Series again this year but only for 15 aspirants. We will do everything to give 100 % result this year. We will notify about this after 1-2 months.

We want to confess that we were not perfect. We sometimes did not give answer scripts on time. Sometimes (but rarely) tests were postponed. Yet,  somehow we conducted all the tests sticking to one plan and timetable.  We didn’t experiment.  This is to let you know that Perfection is a difficult (or impossible) thing to achieve and your expectations should be in consonance with this time-tested truth.

Once again, we wish you  success in all your endeavours. Thank you. 🙂