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UPDATE: Regarding Timetable and Revision Questions

You might be already following our new initiative on Static part of UPSC civil services exam syllabus. So far we have been consistent (barring last few days). Hope you too were consistent in achieving daily targets.

We had given timetable till April 12. Today we were supposed to give timetable for next 30 days.

Instead, we will provide you Timetable for next 60 Days on coming Wednesday (Evening, 15th April). Please treat Monday and Tuesday (i.e. 13th and 14th of April) as Revision Days. On Tuesday evening we will post Revision Questions (at around 10 pm).

During next 60 Days, we will be focusing mainly on World History, Post Independence Consolidation, Geography, Indian Society and Indian Polity.

We promise to be super-consistent with this initiative. There won’t be any experimentation. We will post questions in the morning itself along with Secure questions.

Thank you. Goodnight!

And wish you all the best for your mains Result! (Click Here, or Click Here)