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[Insights Secure – 2015] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Events: 25 March 2015

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25 March  2015


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General Studies – 1;


TopicThe Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country. 

1) Critically analyse the response of Jawaharlal Nehru to Gandhiji’s advocacy of ‘constructive work’  as means to mobilise and consolidate the support of millions in the next phase of mass struggle post – Civil Disobedience movement. (200 Words)

Bipan Chandra, India’s Struggle for Independence, Chapter – 25


TopicThe Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country. 

2) Critically examine how did Congress governments do justice to their party’s strategy that – ‘in the non-mass struggle phases of the national movement, mass political activity and popular mobilization were to continue, though within the four-walls of legality’ – during mid 1930s. (200 Words)

Bipan Chandra, India’s Struggle for Independence, Chapter – 26


TopicThe Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country. 

3) Discuss the contribution of Civil Disobedience Movement  to the emergence of peasant movements during 1930s. (200 Words) 

Bipan Chandra, India’s Struggle for Independence, Chapter – 27


Topic History of the world

4) It is said that Anti-Semitism is on the rise in different parts of the world. What do you understand by Anti-Semitism? Critically examine its nature and causes for its rise in the modern world. (200 Words)

The New York Times


Topiccommunalism & secularism. 

5) “Any restriction on religious conversion, whether on ground of social tension or changing demographics or national character, will amount to a serious violation of the fundamental right to freedom of religion.”  Critically comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu


TopicSocial empowerment; Role of women and women’s organization

6) Critically analyse the importance of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1,325 in the empowerment of women and the challenges in its implementation. (200 Words)

The Indian Express


Topic: Urbanisation – problems and remedies; Paper – 2 (Welfare schemes)

7) “The growing problem of increase in the size of slums should be seen in light of the effects of price control, rather than simply as a matter of a gap in housing demand required to be subsidized through increased spending by government.” Elaborate and suggest what should be government’s approach towards providing affordable housing to the urban poor. (200 Words)



Topiccommunalism, regionalism & secularism.

8) “Pakistan’s history is a testament to the fact that religion cannot knit together a people divided along regional lines.” Critically analyse. (200 Words)



General Studies – 2


Topic: Indian Constitution- features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

9) Critically discuss why the Supreme Court of India recently held the Section 66A of the Information Technology (IT) Act unconstitutional? Examine the constitutional and commercial implications of this judgement. (200 Words)

The Hindu

Business Standard

The Hindu


Topictransparency & accountability and institutional and other measures.

10) Do you think political parties in India should be brought under the Right to Information Act and treated as Public Authorities? Substantiate. (200 Words)

The Hindu


General Studies – 3


Topic: Infrastructure; Land reforms

11) “The problem of land acquisition needs to be recast as the problem of efficient use of land, including the reclamation of unutilized land, the optimal alignment of complementary inputs, and the honest discharge of social responsibility aided by technology.”  In the light of ongoing debate on land acquisition and challenges therein, critically comment on the statement. (200 Words)



General Studies – 4

Topic:  Utilization of public funds, challenges of corruption.

12) Do you think taking harsh action against corrupt officials will reduce corruption in public offices? Critically examine the merits and demerits of harsh punishment as deterrent to corruption. (150 Words)

The Hindu