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Time Table: Insights Secure Mains – 2015 (Static Part)

Please click the link below to download schedule (timetable) of static portion of  Insights Secure Mains – 2015, which we have named – Self Study Guide.

If you follow this timetable strictly, you will be able to complete – Bipan Chandra’s Struggle for India’s Independence, Volume 1 of Economic Survey-2015, Two Third of India – 2015, Two NCERT books – Constitution at Work and Fine Art – by April 12, 2015. 

This might appear too much to study in such a short period. But we have experience here (offline classes) that it’s possible to actually read more than what is given in the below timetable within the time specified therein.

Names of chapters have not been mentioned in the timetable (you can easily find them online).

By Mid- July we will complete Ramesh Singh (Indian Economy), Laxmikanth (Indian Polity), All relevant NCERTs, D D Basu (selectively) and other relevant source (Environment, S&T, Security Issues related).

We have synced this timetable with Our Prelims Test Series Schedule too, so that those who have subscribed can simultaneously prepare both for Prelims and Mains.

Just a reminder if you are new to this program: This initiative is Part of our Insights Secure Mains – 2015 and covers all static portions from standard textbooks apart from Current Events based questions. The intention is to provide you a clear roadmap and push you to do self-study for civil services’ exam preparation.

Wish you all the best! 🙂

Download Links:

Link – 1 (PDF)

Link – 2 (Excel)