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Revision Questions: Based on Last Two Weeks’ Topics

Hope last two weeks were fruitful in terms of your exam preparation. Below are the revision questions based on last two weeks’ topics.  It is suggested that you answer the following questions in exam like condition i.e. without looking at any sources and within the time limit specified below. Though  it’s almost 10.30 pm, you can devote one hour to answer the following questions. This will help you a lot. Give it a try.  (You can answer them in your notebook. If possible answer one or two questions here itself in the Comment Section)


Answer the following questions in NOT more than the Words specified in parenthesis after each question:    (1 Hour)

1. “Peasant protest after 1857 often represented an instinctive and spontaneous response of the peasantry to its social condition.” Examine. (200 Words)

2. Discuss how the  form and style of  Indo-Muslim architecture rose and declined during the Mughal reign. (200 Words)

3. “It was in the cultural sphere that the impact of the Swadeshi Movement was most marked. The movement also used cultural traditions to reach the masses.” Critically examine. (200 Words)

4. What do you understand by the ‘population change’? Examine the trend and factors that have contributed to the population change in India since independence. (200 Words)

5. The advent of Purandaradasa, in the year 1484, marked a very important landmark in the development of Carnatic music. Examine why. (150 Words)

6. Critically discuss the factors that led to the dawn of  revolutionary terrorism in Bengal and rest of the country during the first decade of the twentieth century.  (200 Words)

7. With examples, write a note on the differences between the Tropical Evergreen Forests and Tropical Deciduous Forests. Which of these two forests have large coverage in India and why. (200 Words)

8. Examine why the Komagata Maru incident  became an occasion for anti-British mobilization. (200 Words)

9. Critically analyse  the relation between occupational structure and development in India with suitable examples. (200 Words)

10. Discuss the unique features of the Odissi style of classical dance. (150 Words)


Note: Timetable of Next FOUR weeks will be posted by tomorrow evening. (for tomorrow’s topic, Click Here)