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[Insights Secure – 2015] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Events: 09 March 2015

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09 March  2015


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General Studies – 1;

Topic: Women issues

1) The union government has decided to set up ‘One-Stop Centres’ that will provide assistance, legal advice and psychological counselling to women who have ‘faced’ violence or abuse. Critically comment on measures such as this one which try to ‘address’ violence against women. (200 Words)

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Topic: Salient features of Indian Society

2) “A society that believes that every woman, irrespective of her moral or sexual choices, has the right to her own body, must also believe that a person, irrespective of the crime he is accused of, has the right to the due process of law.” In the light of recent incidences where mobs took law in their hands, critically comment on the statement. (200 Words)

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Topic: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms  from ancient to modern times.

3) Write a note on different aspects of India’s traditional dance system. (200 Words)



TopicIndian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms  from ancient to modern times.

4) Compare and contrast expression and art forms between Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. (200 Words)




TopicIndian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms  from ancient to modern times.

5) Write a note on the influence of religion and religious practices on some of India’s traditional dance forms. (200 Words)



General Studies – 2


 TopicIssues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources. 

6) The new federalism, comprising the combination of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and the FFC (Fourteenth Finance Commission), creates the framework for both mobilising more resources by government and spending them with greater impact. However, like all good things, realising these potential benefits will require several conditions to be fulfilled. Examine these conditions and exaplain how they can be fulfilled. (200 Words)

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Topic:Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests; World History (Paper-1)

7) Why is China’s Silk Route project compared to the Marshall Plan of post Second World War? Critically examine. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 3


TopicResource mobilization, 

8) In recent spectrum auction by the government, it was seen that the 900-MHz band was in more demand than other frequencies of the spectrum. Critically examine why. Also examine what can  be possible fallout of this spectrum auction on consumers. (200 Words)

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TopicIndian Economy and issues relating to planning

9) Even after the formation of NITI Aayog, the Plan and non-Plan expenditure distinction still continues – as seen in recent union budget –  to guide government’s expenditure. Why do you think so? What are the benefits of removing such distinction as recommended by a committee previously? Examine. (200 Words)

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TopicVarious Security forces and agencies and their mandate

10) Write a note on the structure and mandate of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). (150 Words)

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General Studies – 4

Topic: role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values.

11) One of your friends who is working as Assistant Professor in a top university is telling you that these days it’s common for girl students to wear short dress in university campus, which is a kind of ‘distraction’ and also ‘treat’ for young professors like him in the class. He goes on to say that this is the reason why many girls get raped these days. He also tells you that many rapes have taken place in university campus, but most of them have not been reported as it’s common in nearby police stations to not to register such cases. He says that police are right in refusing to register complaint as it is victim’s fault who invite attention of rapists by roaming late at night with boys.

How will you react to your friend’s opinions? Also analyse your friend’s opinion and examine why such opinions persist in society. (200 Words)

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