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The Big Picture – Land Acquisition Bill: What is the opposition?


Opposition parties in the parliament are opposing the Land Acquisition Bill in the present form and are demanding some changes. They say that the bill is Anti farmer. Coming under such huge pressure, the government has finally agreed to amend the bill and bring in some changes. But the stalemate over the issue still continues. The methodology that is being used to bring in the changes is also being criticised.

The allies of the BJP have also joined opposition parties in resisting the introduction of the contentious land acquisition amendment bill in Parliament. Analysts say the backlash over the bill could stonewall the PM’s efforts to get reforms through this budget session, impeding big-ticket projects worth thousands of crores that have been stuck for want of land. But the government has been defending itself by saying that the bill is pro-poor and pro-farmer.

The opposition has also alleged that the government has killed the spirit of the original Bill by doing away with the provision of seeking a social impact assessment and the requirement to get the prior consent of 70% of land owners before the acquisition of agricultural land. The new bill aims to relax some of the provisions in the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 passed by the previous Congress-led UPA.