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Ethics and Integrity: Insights Secure – 2015: January 27, 2015


9) You are working as Sub Inspector and the place where you work is also the constituency of powerful politician who is now a very influential minister in the state government. Recently a woman social activist was tied to tree and was badly beaten and molested by few political activists belonging to the ruling party. After registering the case and preliminary investigation you come to know that the men who molested were staunch followers of the minister. The minister frequently calls you and pressurises you to either go slow with investigation or close the case citing lack of evidence. In your investigation you have found strong evidence to give justice to the woman and punish minister’s followers. However, the minister has threatened to transfer you to a distant place if you do not heed to his requests. Despite threats and pressures you continue with your investigation and file a strong case against the perpetrators. However, later you come to know that the minister bribes the judges to get bail to his followers.

a) How do you deal with political pressure when performing your duty as a public servant? (100 Words)

b) In the above case, your wife advises you to record your conversations with the minister in your cellphone and make them public via media. Will you do so? Justify. (150 Words)

c) Some of your friends suggest you to get transfer and move to new place so that you are saved from the wrath of the minister whose requests you neglected. (100 Words)