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Insights Test Series – 2015: Schedule for Remaining 20 Tests


We have so far successfully conducted 12 mock tests. There are still 21 more to go.

Many aspirants keep asking us this question(s): ” Already many tests are over. Can I still join this series? If I join, will I get all previous question papers? How will I manage previous tests?”

We started our test series bit early  so that we could give large number of tests for practice and sufficient time for preparation. As already described previously, this test series has 3 phases: first, tests based on NCERT textbooks; Second, tests based on standard UPSC books such as Indian Polity by Laxmikanth, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh etc; Third, 9 full length exams.

The first phase will be over with the Test no. 13 which is scheduled to be sent on February 4, 2015 (Yes, we send PDF files directly into your registered email ID’s)

Now, the answer to the above question(s) lies in another question: What’s your level of preparation?

Firstly, the test series is open and will be open till August first week (we will explain why).

Secondly, you will get every test including previous 12 tests + 20 tests of 2014 series.

Now why you should still join a Test series?  (We are using the phrase ‘A Test Series’ because we leave it to your judgement to join any test series in the market. Read reviews (of 2014 series + present series) and then  please decide whether to join our test series or not)

If you are planning to subscribe to our test series, it’s not too late, and it won’t be too late even if you decide to enrol later, say after 2-3 months. Why?

  • At any cost, you have to read NCERT books if you are serious about getting good marks in first two stages of the exam. If you have already read NCERT books, our first 13 tests will give you ample opportunity to test your knowledge about content and understanding of these books. If you always wanted to complete reading the NCERT texts but somehow it got procrastinated, now is the chance to complete them using our tests. It doesn’t matter how many days are with you. If you are serious start today. At least you will ‘start’ and our tests will provide necessary push (Because these are not free tests, you will have that compulsion to solve them)
  • You should join good test series to keep track of your preparation, or to push yourself time and again to not to waste a single day. You know that even if you waste a single day you will start feeling guilty. You also know why you waste time. Those who usually waste their time are the ones without proper time table or without proper roadmap. You need to have something periodically, say a weekly test to keep you on track. We hope ours or any other test series will do it for you.
  • Coming to how to manage previous tests, the answer depends on how much hard work you want to put in. You can go along with coming-up tests and in between solve previous ones. Or you can solve all previous ones, say within 30 days (it is possible if you push yourself) and go for next ones. In any case you have to read all the books and sources we recommend (universally recommended actually).

Earlier we had given schedule and topic-list for only first 13 tests (you can find it here). Now we are giving full schedule and topics-list for remaining 20 tests.

To download it, Click Here.

We promise that next 21 tests will be better than previous ones.

Note: Please,there won’t be any discount even if you subscribe at a later date. You will get all tests and much more (come April ). You will not regret subscribing to our test series. You will find out why when you give Prelims this year. 🙂

Though we don’t like to market our test series, we just want to tell you that the money we get from this test series helps us run our (and now yours) website smoothly every day.  In future we would like to hire best minds ( i.e. from April -2015 onwards – till then please DO NOT  send us any mail regarding working for us) and make this website one stop solution (Free One) for everyone with an access to internet.

Please do not share test cost with anyone. It has already cost us dearly!

If interested, please make the payment by clicking the below LINK. Thank you very much for your support.