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Loksabha TV Insights: Terrorism – No End in Sight

LSTV Insights- Terrorism: no end in sight

In attack on Charlie Hebdo, a media organization in Paris, 12 people were killed including 10 journalists and 2 policemen. They were selectively targeted for their caricatures on Prophet Muhammad. This organization has earlier been attacked by bombs, couple of years back. It was warned by French government for not to issue provocative content. Also it was sued by Muslim organizations. France guarantees its citizen unrestricted freedom of speech and expression. So case was ruled in favor of organization. This organization is a left leaning one and can be said anti-religion one as it targeted Christianity and Judaism too.

This attack should be understood in broader perspective. France and most other European countries have not able to assimilate foreign cultures to much extent. Consequently, Muslims, majority of who follow very rigid principles got alienated in society. This is mainly because current demographic patterns in west are hardly few decades older. In contrast India has been a melting pot of culture from ancient times. In India migrants came as refugees who were evading persecution and other diversity is those of converts and in West majority of them was brought as laborers. Consequently there’s wide social divide in the west.

Missionaries from France are highest in number in ISIS. With recent combat on ISIS many of them may be coming back and then these guys will make things worse in their original countries. Further, France has been very active ally of US in all developments including on Palestine, Arab Spring, and now on ISIS.

There is Right Wing reviving all over the world including Europe and India against threat of Islamic Jihadi threat. This results into spiraling chain reaction. Jihadist activities give strength to right wing and activities of right wing pushes more people toward radicalism. Same thing is seen in France as immediately after the attack there was news of attacks on some Mosques.

Cartoons are most gandhian way of peaceful protest and forms fundamental part of freedom of speech. Limits of free speech are settled by law of the country and different societies have different tolerance levels. In case of western society is generally very high, there one can even wear socks and undergarments bearing design of national flags. All things are unimaginable in transitionary societies like India.

It is not one way responsibility of majority to assimilate foreign culture of minority. Minorities also have to adjust with the culture of majority and shed their prejudices and unaccepted practices. A western moving to Saudi Arabia will have to observe local levels of conservatism and in same way any conservative person moving to west will have to tolerate their liberalism.

Even if we are offended, we can’t go beyond the law of the land.

Jihadist groups like ISIS receives high amount of publicity and they establish themselves as defenders of the soul of Islam. They create mystified belief that Islam is in danger and Jihad is allowed as per Koran in self defence.

There is also economic angle to alienation of minorities in Europe. In France Muslim constitutes 10% of the population and unemployment among them is as high as 40%.