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The Big Picture – Is Indian secularism on test?


There is some pressure to relook at the whole issue of secularism.

The constitution of India doesn’t define secularism. The words Socialism and Secularism were inserted into the Preamble in 1975. Some say that these words were not included in the original constitution because the members felt that the entire spirit of the constitution is secular and hence there was no need to include them separately.

Some see secularism as separation of religion from state and politics. Others see at as equal respect all religions.

India has never been a theocratic state.

It is very much necessary to separate politics from religion to realise the true spirit of secularism.

Politicisation of sentiments for votes is also seen a threat to Secularism.

Recent ‘Ghar Vapsi’ and Muzaffarnagar incidents should be seen as wake up calls.

These are also threats to composite and pluralistic health of our country.