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Ethics and Integrity: Insights Secure 2015, 31 December 2014

TopicEssence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions; dimensions of ethics; ethics in private and public relationships. Human Values 

11) In a recent incident, a robber snatched gold chain from a woman and pushed her out of moving train. Luckily, she survived with a minor injury. That day she was forced to commute in train as her usual mode of transportation – buses – were shut down due to a city-wide bandh called by an organization. She was given free medical treatment by the Railways. It is known fact that if unfortunately she had died, the government would have announced monetary compensation to her nearest relative.

Your friend who is aware of this incident is commenting that the woman should have stayed at home instead of going for work. He also tells you that the government should not compensate such victims as these are mere accidents and if government goes on compensating in this way, it is an injustice to honest taxpayers like him.

Identify the ethical issues in the above case (including your friend’s arguments) and critically comment on them. (250 Words)

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