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[Experimental] You Won’t Receive Email Notifications from Tomorrow. Please Subscribe to Blog Via Feedly.

Update: This is experimental only!

The new Secure format is making us to send lots of emails to your inbox. This is indeed annoying. Unfortunately we do not have a reliable plugin or facility to send only one email containing links to all posts. As we create posts at different hours in a day, it is not possible to send one email with all links  – even if it’s possible to send such a mail.

There are are solutions out there but they are very time consuming and costly.

But easy and reliable option for you is to subscribe via Feedly. You will have access to all posts (Full content) there.

Alternatively, you can always access new posts when you visit the site under New Posts section.

Feedly has Android, iOS and Kindle apps. It also has partnership with Evernote.

To subscribe, just click the Green Feedly button at right side above our site and follow instructions. Or just click the link/button below and subscribe. Thank you.

Click This Button ->  follow us in feedly


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Latest Update:

Thanks to suggestion by Warrior (see comments below), now you can subscribe via email using the below option. Unlike earlier notifications, you will receive only a single mail.

Enter your email address:

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Disclaimer: We do not have any association with Feedly. We are recommending this because we think it’s easy to use and provides you an alternative to access contents of Insights without cluttering your email inbox.