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Ethics and Integrity – Insights Secure – 2015, 28 December 2014

Topic:  ethics in private and public relationships

General Studies – 4

11) You are preparing for the civil services exam. Your close friend and your room-mate who belongs to a minority religious community is in love with a girl belonging to majority community. The girl also belongs to ‘higher’ caste. Your friend’s parents, who are very poor, are under the impression that their son is preparing seriously for the exam. They are unaware of his love affair. From your close interactions with your friend’s girlfriend you are aware that her parents would never let her marry outsdie their caste, leave alone outside their religion. Your friend, though in love, is seriously preparing for the exam. His love life has not affected his studies. However, one day an anonymous call to your friend threatens him with life if he doesn’t stop moving around with his girlfriend. This has disturbed him very much. Your friend doesn’t want his love affair to become known to anyone. Recently in the same locality a boy was murdered for marrying a girl belonging to majority community. There is real danger to your friend’s life if the issue becomes public. These  developments have affected your studies too. One your friends who is aware of these developments suggest you following options:

1) Ask your friend to move away from your room and let you focus on studies

2) Tell everything to your friend’s parents and ask them to do reprimand their son

3) File a police complaint regarding the threat call your friend has received and let the issue become public

4) Move away from your friend’s place and study in a new place

Please evaluate merits and demerits of each of these options also please indicate (without necessarily restricting to the above options) what course of action you would like to follow, giving proper reasons. (300 Words)

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