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The Big Picture – US-Cuba ties: Why and what it means?

The Big Picture – US-Cuba ties: Why and what it means?


An unimaginable and tectonic change has taken place in North America with the revival of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.

Seen as the historic sea change, it has left the world wonderstruck and the peoples of the two countries divided.

Significant sections of Americans have welcomed the decision. But the Republicans have opposed it.

Even among the Cubans, while Cubans living Cuba have welcomed it with emotional joy, the Cuban American are divided or mostly opposed.

This deal worked out with the help of Pope Francis who facilitated the several secret talks between the governments needs understanding.

This was something which was not expected.

Travel bans on Cuba were relaxed some years ago for certain categories.

Within the Latin America it was not the Cuba which was isolated, it was the US which was being isolated on Cuba because Cuba was finding increasing acceptance within the organization of American states.

Impact is expected to be good on American businessmen and traders.

Cuba has large mining sector and it has got rich deposits of Nickel.

Cuba was seen as a threat by the US in the past.

There is a domestic problem in this entire issue. The Hispanic community in the US is very sharply divided between the Cuban exiles and non-Cuban exiles. The democrats in particular found that the Cuban exiles had become a kind of Mafia and they became so powerful in Florida that without their support nobody could win Florida and without winning Florida nobody could become the President.

Some of the measures which the President has announced needs congressional vote.

Trade embargo and travel bans have not been completely lifted, but eased.

The embargo has helped to freeze the situation in Cuba because it allowed the Cubans to claim that their sovereignty was under threat.

This is seen as a good diplomatic signal by the US.