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Insights Secure – 2015: Share Your Ideas and Suggestions

Please take a break today. From Monday we are starting Secure – 2015. As we told earlier, this will have a new format. Questions will be based on 2013 and 2014 UPSC Mains exam question papers. Secure – 2015 will continue till the last day of 2015 Mains exam.

If you were a follower of Secure – 2014, by now you might have come to know that we had covered in our questions nearly 70-80% of issues on which this year’s Mains questions were asked (Paper – 2 and Paper – 3). And in Paper – 4 also similar case studies were asked on this site and many more opinion based questions too. (This is because we touched upon most of the issues. Not that we are experts or something in predicting questions)

If you consistently write answers to all the questions we post, be assured that you will be thorough with all important issues that are necessary to be read for the next year’s Mains.

To answer these questions, you must simultaneously read NCERT books, The Hindu, Business Standard (or any other business newspaper), The Indian Express, Yojana and Frontline. You do no need any other magazine. Answering questions regularly is akin to making notes on your own but without seeing at the source – which you can improve upon later.

The new format will be like this:

1) There will be questions from all Four General Studies Papers every day in Secure – 2015 questions. No separate Ethics, S&T or General Studies section.

2) We will segregate ourselves and provide the questions under Each General Studies paper and within them under respective topics of the syllabus.

3) There will be more questions related to Paper -2 and 3 as it is topics of these papers which are usually covered in newspapers.

4) There will be minimum 1-2 questions from Paper -1 and Paper-4. We will try to include at least 3 case studies every week.

5) Every Saturday will be reserved for Magazines. That is, we will frame questions from Yojana, EPW (very selectively) and Frontline + Few important questions from that day’s The Hindu newspaper.

6) We will try our best to provide a Weekly compilation. This will be done by our Undercover group – who are selflessly doing this work for your benefit. (Some people in Delhi are selling these compilations. Please do not buy them. You can download them freely here forever. Thank you.)

7) Insights will be reading your answers henceforth and commenting on them too (As you know it’s impossible to comment on all answers. Hence, we will do so selectively)

8) The success of this initiative depends on your participation. And also on quality of questions we ask. We will do our best on this front. Thank you very much for your continued cooperation and support.

Your success depends on your hard work. Your success also depends on  your consistency. This is the most important factor in this exam. Be consistent in learning more about all important issues; be consistent in writing and remembering – all four GS papers will be a cakewalk.

You must never forget Prelims preparation. Please keep practising questions regularly from both papers. Read basics. Apply this knowledge in answer writing.

We do not insist you to type answers on the website. But when you feel the participation is low, come forward and contribute an answer. This will help in motivating others to write and contribute. This will help in continuing this initiative.

Your long journey towards success begins on Monday.

Before we proceed, we need your suggestions and ideas. The above mentioned template will be followed. If we think any of your suggestions can be included, we will do so.

Please feel free to express your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks again!