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The Big Picture – Are religious conversions affecting social harmony?


The issue of religious conversion is back in focus. About 10 to 15 years back this issue had gripped the country.

Now with the attempted conversions of over 200 Muslims in Agra, the controversy about the Religious Conversions is again being debated.

Those who attempted to convert Muslims in Agra have been proceeded against and the law will take its course.

The conversions are going on for decades now. The debate about whether these conversions are voluntary or forced has remained.

Those people who attempted have been defending themselves by saying that it is a Home Coming ceremony of Hindus.

Conversion to any religion of choice is permitted under Article 25 of the Indian Constitution. But fraudulent conversions should be opposed.

If the conversion is due to some threat, allurement and inducement then it is illegal and should be penalised.

The wrong doers should be punished hardly so that no such repetitions occur.

Hinduism is not a religion but it’s a way of Life.

Freedom of faith includes the freedom not to have faith.

Constitution says that India is a Secular country.