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News Analysis: Safety of Working Women


All India Radio

Safety of Working Women

Delhi has once again witnessed the horrors of rape. Here the offender who is involved is a taxi driver who was operating taxi in the night.


Even though with a such a large population it appears impossible to prevent every crime but if a proper system in in force then we can certainly mitigate to a large extent. The following are some of the notable points which should be looked into.

  1. The taxi driver who is involved in this crime was already serving the jail term for his previous crime that too a rape and was out on bail. If these kind of sex offenders are let loose by giving licence and put in to drive in the night, which implies no background verification was the employee was done by the company
  2.  most importantly there is no system in the govt to monitor whether any verifications are done by companies due to lethargy in the system use and effectively use technology.
  3. There is no incentive for the victims to report the crime to the police.  Out of 100 cases about 95 are not at all getting reported.
  4. Unlike west, where altogether a different identity is created for the victim to fight the case (only Nirbhaya being exceptional) and state provide protection to the witnesses we don’t have such a system.
  5. More shocking evidence are found that when victim goes to report in the police station, police themselves gang rape or rape the victim.


Can be broadly categorized into 4 types

  1.  Police reforms.
  2.  Political or electoral reforms.
  3. Media’s role.
  4. Change in family’s mindset.

1. Police Reforms:

  1.  It is believed that 70% of the crime can be nipped by police if they are properly structured, use of technology and will power.
  2. The kind of police system we are having is largely on the lines that we inherited from the British, which is strictly hierarchal kind which induces fear to the uniform.
  3. Lack of women in the police force and also making compulsory to have a special unit in every police station manpowered by women to handle crime on women is concerned.
  4. Justice verma committee has recommended to bring in a system where promotion of police should also be done based on performance parameters and exceptional policemen who uphold the constitution rather than just on seniority basis.
  5. We must also understand that police too come from the same society which is largely patriarchal. So when police don’t have a strong value system the dangers gets severe.
  6. NHRC has reported that when a women goes to register an FIR, police deal with the complaint according to the economic and social status of the women.

2. Political Reforms

  1. Criminalization of politics is one of the major disturbing issue which is rottening the system. When criminals who are involved in sexual crimes are themselves law makers sitting in parliament and trying to make laws against these crimes, it would be mockery of the system.
  2. Politicians reinforcing negative stereotyping with regard to women in their political speech should not only be merely condemned but strict action should be taken like barring them from standing elections so that it also serves as a deterrent.
  3.  In places like Haryana where whole range of politicians especially khap panchayats perpetuate acceptance of these kind of crime. So this in a way institutionalizing the crime itself.

3. Role of media:

  1. Media to a large extent has been helpful to the cause, they are sensitive, partner with the women and women organization in raising these issues, creating public consciousness and encouraging public debate so in a way it helps them to stand for their rights.
  2. But on the flip side the obscene adds, sensationalizing these incidents, using obscene language should be avoided not by any external mechanism but by self regulation method.
  3. Off late there has been an internet revolution where almost every child has access to whattsapp, youtube. So when a women is commodified in these kind of media it has a large influence on the youngsters.

4. Family mindset:

Our Prime minister while addressing the nation on the independence day , stressed the need for changing the mindset or attitude of parents they have on girls.

  1. We can start looking at the larger picture of the men in our society and question why men are doing what they are doing? We can start finding solutions starting from home itself because family is where people are groomed.
  2. Also because men are not being thought the value of equality, not been given the idea of respecting the women dignity, never been told women are equal to men in all respects a strong masculine superiority mindset develops among men.
  3. If family starts restricting some of the unacceptable behaviors since childhood itself then these value stars perpetuating the mindset since beginning and they turn out to be better human beings.