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UPDATE: Regarding Recent Problem With Our Website

Thank you all for your incredible patience. This site is hosted on Bluehost. They are experiencing some server problem (where our site is located) which is taking long time to fix. They have promised us that within next 24 hours all problems will be solved (they promised us this 48 hours ago). But it seems now that problem is about to be solved. Still they have warned us that we might experience slow loading for next 24 hours. You might face some problems with the site even tomorrow also. We kindly request you to support us with your exemplary patience.

This site is as important for us as it is to you. This is our livelihood. We have complete backup now. Nothing bad will happen as feared by few who mailed us. Every bit of data is backed up and is safe with us (outside these servers). We just didn’t want to move away from present host which is one of the top three in the world. We can not blame them for they too are worried and are working hard to fix the problem.

From Monday morning all will be well. Thos who are preparing for 2015 can start answer writing seriously. We are bringing new format of Secure from December 21st which will be systematic and comprehensive (we will update about this next week).

If the site works normally tomorrow (Sunday), we will post secure questions of December 5th and 6th (combined) by 8 am tomorrow morning. Instead of essay, you can answer secure questions. We sincerely hope that site will work smoothly.

We owe you an apology for the inconvenience caused. It was beyond our hands. Even we could not login to our own site! Thankfully these episodes teaches us to be humble. We are humbled by your trust. We will work hard for you. Just be with us even when we are down. Thank you.