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News Analysis: US President’s Presence on Republic Day in 2015 and Its Strategic Significance

All India Radio – News Analysis: November 25, 2014

– From 1974 till 2004 Indo-US relation was under strain over a number of issues, primarily one being the nuclear testing.

– since 2005-08 we were able to resolve the nuclear issue by historic civil nuclear deal by passing 123 agreement.

– But post 2009 both the sides were not able to invest the same degree of time, attention and determination in forming any major bilateral ties.

– On US side they were hoping that after passing 123 agreement would lead to nuclear commerce which did not happen(The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010 or Nuclear Liability Act is one of the bone of contention) and some expectation that India would give them major contract for military inventory particularly the multipurpose combat aircraft which did not happen.

– On Indian side there were distress within because of our domestic political issues which led to a kind of stagnation with not much progress during this phase.

– The most recent, food security issue has been satisfactorily resolved.


On many of the global challenges, if India-US are on the same page, then there will be a great advantage. For instance, climate change which is totally apolitical and a very serious challenge for the global community. If it has to be addressed satisfactorily then all the major powers like India, US,China will have to pull together.

Even on terrorism to deal with this malignancy it would be easier more to deal with, if India-US are on the same page. Significantly, all these positive bilateral cooperation offers a kind of mediation for other major powers including Russia, China, European union to have bilateral and multilateral relation to handle some of the common concerns more effectively.


As partners, India-US can have some correspondence to manage our differences like India and US have divergent perception,

– on Pakistan

– on Iran

– on Moscow

US which always has a major strategic objection to contain India’s nuclear weapon and missile program, would be very historic for a US president to witness our nuclear deterrent capability and ballistic missile capability on the Republic day parade.
It shall be a symbolic significance that US acknowledge and accepts India’s profile and a major reflection of profound change that has taken place in India-US relations.
– Greater addition of content in technology field, economic and trade regulations.
– In this era of globalization, India like any other developing country would seek fair amount of assistance for its infrastructure and investment as now political comfort and environment for investment are conducive

India is a sovereign Independent nation has been able to convey its own credibility in the areas of
– kind of democratic principles we remain committed
– How India has managed its wide diversity
– efficiency in maritime security
Even though there are some areas of inadequacies, India as a developing country with a large developmental agenda in a way success and stability of India is in the large global interest.So the US, which recognizes all this and it will be a reiteration during its President’s visit on Republic day