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The Big Picture – Wagah Blasts: What’s the message in it for Pakistan and India?


  • The suicide blasts at the Pakistan side of the Wagah border on Sunday has raised several questions on the growth of terror networks and their intentions.
  • This is causing a serious concern. Three terrorist organizations are supposed to have claimed the responsibility for the attack. But the picture is yet to become clear.
  • Wagah which was earlier assumed to be the safe place where the crossing of both goods and people happen between the two countries has now come under a shadow.
  • It is looked upon as an act of domestic terrorism in Pakistan.
  • India has been witnessing sponsored terrorism from Pakistan in India for more than two decades.
  • The terrorists are also claiming their allegiance to the IS.
  • There is also dearth of accurate information.
  • This is also seen as an attempt by terrorist organizations to increase politico military tension between the two nations.
  • Pakistan has been saying that the act of terrors in India are perpetrated by non-state factors.
  • The main aim of terrorism is to spread terror and this was an act to gain international attention. And to show that they are more effective.
  • There are groups in Pakistan which are locked in a struggle against the State. And this is part of their ongoing fight.
  • Pakistan has made an investment in terror in a selective manner and it has a familiar track record. It has nurtured some establishments which are no more under its control now.
  • The faces of terrorism being faced in India and Pakistan are completely different.
  • The threat from such terrorist organizations in the current time is more potent and India needs to take suitable steps to prevent them from entering India.
  • Both the countries need to work in tandem to get rid of such problems.
  • We have been experiencing terror attacks not only in India but also on the assets of India abroad.