General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 52

ARCHIVES 04 November 2014 1) Critically discuss the significance of linkages between the dynamics of development and ethnic conflicts in India. (200 Words) Reference 2) Critically discuss the ‘Indian model of secularism’ and examine the lessons. if any,  the rest of the world can learn from it. (200 Words) Reference

Economics-2014:Answer Writing Challenge-44

Archives 04 November 2014 Q) Examine the impact of WTO on Indian SSI units. Do you think that withdrawal of reservations and other measures would threaten their survival? ( 60 Marks) Q) What is social banking? To what extent has it helped in promoting employment and alleviating poverty in India? (60 Marks)

Commerce and Accountancy – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 19

ARCHIVES 04 November 2014 1) What is contingent capital? Discuss the various instruments used to generate it. 2) Explain the financial parameters to be used to evaluate post-merger performance. 3) “To arrive at a comprehensive opinion, the auditor reviews evidence that may be classified into three major groups.” What are these groups and how do you relate the …

Geography – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 29

ARCHIVES 04 November 2014 1) ‘Quantitative Revolution and model building provided an empirical basis    for geographical research’ – Elaborate. 2) Critically examine the method of deriving Human development index. 3) Critically examine the changing perspective of the concept of areal differences.

Sociology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 50

ARCHIVES 04 November 2014 1)  Discuss the salient features of the demographic situation in India. What are the  prospects of reducing the birth rate and stabilizing it in the near feature? 2)  How far is generational disaffiliation responsible for youth activism in India? Why is  the Indian youth failing to respond to the national challenges? 3) Write …

Anthropology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 19

ARCHIVES 04 November 2014 Describe the types of kinship groups formed on the basis of different principles. 250 words What factors are responsible for bringing about variation in residence of different societies? Explain how kinship influences man’s social life. 250 words Write a note on forms of descent groups. 200 words Discuss the distinguishing features …

[UPSC Mains – 2014] Insights Secure Questions on Current Events, 04 November 2014

ARCHIVES 04 November 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words: 1) Critically analyse how the North American Free Trade Agreement has benefited its member countries, especially Mexico. Business Standard Forbes 2) Since 2000 there has been many fold increase in Sensex and market capitalisation in India. Critically comment on the causes. Business Standard 3) …