The Big Picture – Treaty making powers: Can Judiciary over-rule Executive?

Summary: The decision of the Supreme Court to direct the government to hand over the entire list of foreign bank account holders in its custody has raised concerns and questions about the issue of treaty and the role of executive and judiciary. All these while the government had been arguing that the list cannot be …

Compilation of Secure Questions – January 2014 to September 2014

This is the compilation of questions with links to original posts and the reference articles. These are only questions (for now). We thank Sahas for the contribution.    January – 2014 February – 2014 March – 2014 April – 2014 May – 2014 June – 2014 July – 2014 August – 2014 September – 2014 …

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 49

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014  Post-Independence History 1) Compare and contrast Narmada Bachao Andolan with Chipko Movement. (200 Words) Reference Reference-2 2) Critically examine the various issue that were involved during the Silent Valley Movement. Also explain its significance to conservation of environment and people’s movements in India. (200 Words) Reference-1 Reference-2


India tops new global slavery index The Global Slavery Index 2013, which surveyed 162 nations, was compiled by Australia-based rights organisation Walk Free Foundation using a definition of modern slavery that includes debt bondage, forced marriage, trafficked into brothels and the use of children in the military. The Foundation’s estimate of 29.8 million slaves worldwide …

Psychology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 46

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014 1) Discuss the nature and complexities of altered states of consciousness which are produced by hypnosis, drug use and meditation (200 Words) 2) Just putting the test questions in an objective form does not necessarily render the test scientific. Comment, and elucidate the characteristics of a good psychological test. (200 Words)

Commerce and Accountancy-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 17

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014 1) An analysis of the performance of IPOs post-listing in the last three years shows that two-thirds of the public issues were trading below their listing price even after adjusting for the general decline in the market. This has resulted in investors losing money on their IPO investments.” Discuss the reasons behind such a state of …

Anthropology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 17

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014 Why has the concept of Cultural Relativism been so dear to anthropologists? 250 words Bring out the distinguishing features of Culture and Civilization. 250 words What are the bases of social stratification? Discuss with examples. 250 words Explain the concept of “Status” and “Role” in anthropology. 250 words

Sociology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 48

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014 1. Write short notes on ALL of the following is not more than 200 words each: (a) Divorce among the Muslims. (b) Protective discrimination: its sociology and politics. (c) Kula, Vansa and Gotra (d) Inequality in the agrarian social structure. 2. Comment on the distinction between ‘hierarchy’ and ‘social stratification’. Which of …

Public Administration-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 44

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014 Topic – Planning and Implementation 1. “Implementing a public policy is a process of discovering what works and what does not.” Examine. (250 Words) 2. Define public policy. How does its formulation and implementation involve participation by administrators, voluntary agencies and pressure groups in a democracy? (250 Words) Next topic – Monitoring

[UPSC Mains-2014] Insights Secure Questions on Current Events, 31 October 2014

ARCHIVES 31 October 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words: 1) In the light of India’s poor performance in latest Global Gender Gap Index , critically examine how gender inequality affects the economy and what should India do to bridge the gender gap. Business Standard 2) How far, do you think, Gram Sabhas …