General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 47

ARCHIVES 28 October 2014 1) Discuss the main factors leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union. (200 Words) Reference Reference-2 2) One of the most important consequences of the Second World War was ‘division of Europe’, Eastern and Western. Comment. (200 Words) Reference Reference-2  

Commerce and Accountancy -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 14

ARCHIVES 28 October 2014 1) Explain whether services provided by a Veterinary clinic and Yoga establishment are exempt from service tax. (250 Words) 2) Mention the cases where valuation of house property for purpose of income tax shall be NIL. Also mention the exceptions to such rules. (250 Words) 3) “An auditor expresses an opinion on a company’s financial …

Geography-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 23

ARCHIVES 28 October 2014 1) Present a critical analysis of the theory of isostasy. (300 Words) 2) Examine economic significance of the resources of the  Continental shelf of the Indian Ocean. (200 Words) 3) Write a short note on Adaptation and distribution of animals in the Ethiopian realm. (200 Words)

Psychology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 43

ARCHIVES 28 October 2014 1) It is suggested that the biological requirements of man are of much less importance in behavior than are his psychological needs. Examine this point of view. Describe the various psychological needs. (200 Words) 2) Make as exhaustive a list as possible of current psychotherapeutic techniques. Evaluate Gestalt therapy. (200 Words)