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[UPSC MAINS-2014] Insights Secure Questions on Current Events, 27 October 2014


27 October 2014

Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words:

1) Reforming Food Corporation of India (FCI) and its functions is crucial to ensure food security and reduce subsidy bill in India. In this regard, critically examine the present loopholes, required reforms and the measures taken to reform FCI.

Business Standard



2) Building Green buildings in Indian cities is imperative to save energy and reduce global warming. In this regard, explain the concept of Green Buildings and critically analyse the role of regulators in India in ensuring the construction and operation of these building in urban centres.

Business Standard

3) Both defence procurement and construction of critical defence infrastructure in India are both lagging behind. Critically comment on the importance of both these factors to the defence sector and write a note on latest steps taken to address these two issues.

Business Standard

4) Recently, emerging markets have taken initiatives to set-up their own regional banks as an alternative to existing multilateral financial institutions that are controlled by the West. Examine why and comment on some of the concerns raised against these new institutions.

Business Standard

5) The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, which is expected to be passed by the Parliament in coming days, has been welcomed by many stakeholders. If Passed,  examine the would be benefits of the new Insurance Act.

Business Standard

6) Critically comment on the implementation and outcomes of rural electrification programs in India, especially vis a vis agriculture and farmers.

The Indian Express

7) In a peculiar development, Switzerland has become one of largest exporters of gold to India in recent months. Critically examine the reasons behind this new development.

The Economic Times

8) Analyse the strategic, economic and geopolitical importance of stronger India – Vietnam ties for India.

The Hindu

9) To reform healthcare sector in India contribution by both private and public sectors is crucial. Critically analyse the strengths of these two sectors and how they can optimally contribute in reforming healthcare in India.

The Hindu

10) Write a note on the aid of technological tools such as big data in fighting Ebola like outbreaks.

The Hindu