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The Big Picture – Whips’ Conference: Codifying conduct and privileges



  • The increasing decline in the quality of the functioning of the parliament and state legislatures has been a cause for serious concern for some years now.
  • A conference of whips’, held recently, raised these issues.
  • The conference is also looking at whether the codification of the conduct of the legislators and MPs as well as codification of privileges will help.
  • These things help in smooth functioning of the parliament and increase the credibility.
  • The need of the hour is to look at the problems from the fundamental point of view.
  • Parliament is all about conventions and precedence.
  • Supreme institution of India is the Parliament.
  • If the quality of the members who get elected to the house is maintained then there is no need for codification.
  • There cannot be any whip on the content of the speeches made by the MPs on the floor of the house.
  • Whip is recognised by the constitution.
  • Before codification the houses must be made functional. Some state legislatures are not functional.
  • Lack of accountability of both the government and the opposition party to the parliament is escalating the problem.