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MOTIVATION: Don’t Read Success Stories!

On the occasion of Bday of Abdul Kalam thought we would share a wonderful quote of his to start the day:

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success.

We all love the success stories don’t we? It makes us feel that even we can achieve them, it fills us with inspiration, the energy which is needed to drive us ahead and make us self reliant. But there is a slight caution in reading the success stories – the slight difference between dreaming and day dreaming.

Most of the success stories do tell us that everything in life is hunky dory, everything is going to work your way, you are magically going to succeed some day and all problems will be solved. I do agree that it is a great thought to have. But I do have a small question though –


Well, that is something which is going to set us apart. We all are afraid in our lives, there are so many things that can happen which can push us away from our goals. There have happened so many things in the past with so many people and they have chosen alternate paths. But there sure have been a few who have made it even inspite of it.

Well! Those are the people you should be looking at. There is a great beauty in romanticism in life but there is a greater beauty in struggle, the  passion to follow your dreams and the grit to make them happen. These are the people you need to think about, not the romantic ones which is going to tell you that the sky will be blue and it will rain whenever you want.

The sky will be overcast, it will put you through drought, it will put you through floods, but it sure will bring out something which is extremely invaluable – the true personality in you. Focus on that and you are on an amazing journey to achieve anything and everything you want!

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