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The Big Picture – Media, Activism in Conflict Zones in West Asia and Middle East



  • Conflict zones have always created conflicts for the media itself about how to cover them.
  • The major conflict zones like Middle East and West Asia have stretched not only the resources but more importantly the imaginations of the media in covering such things.
  • Media’s role has been crucial and controversial sometimes.
  • There have been dilemmas for the media where some have taken an activists role, in contrast to the view of media as a passive and neutral reflections of existing social and political world.
  • The advent of social media and its increasing usage in these conflicting zones has added a new dimension to this.
  • The advent of social media has diversified the dimension of the media.
  • Each media defines a conflict in their own way and hence things are not so clear sometimes.
  • There is rethinking required in the firmament. There is enough space for mainstream media to contribute in an effective manner to the society.
  • Relationship between the state and media has always been symbiotic relationship.
  • We should not limit activism to the act of protesting. Activism is sensibility and is also diversified.
  • Activism as far as the media is concerned is inevitable.
  • Experts say that Critical thinking is activism.
  • There is a strong case for public service media in India. And also is a strong case for transparency and accountability of the corporate media.
  • Accountability to the citizens of the country is required from the media.