Do You Need A Strategy At All – For Your Exam Preparation?

Sahil Garg Rank 471, CSE-2013 “There is no single recipe for success in Civil Service Examination, just some common ingredients”   After clearing civil service examination, my email and comment box was thronged with a lot of requests about sharing the strategy for how to proceed for the exam. From the time I started preparing …

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 33

ARCHIVES 07 October 2014 India and Its Neighbours – Strategic Issues 1) Critically comment on the nature of India – Bhutan relationship in the light of India’s recent coercive commerce diplomacy and Bhutan’s geographical imperatives and its evolving relationship with China. (200 Words) Reference – IDSA (Page 16) 2) “Whatever the outcome of the nuclear …


New government advertisement norms A Supreme Court-appointed panel headed by eminent legal expert N.R. Madhava Menon has released a set of guidelines to prevent Funds misuse. The panel said the issue of multiple advertisements by different departments and public sector undertakings should be avoided in commemorative advertisement and only one advertisement must be issued. As …

Economics – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 30

ARCHIVES 07 October 2014 Q1) What are the salient differences between Fisher’s equation and Cambridge Equation of money ? Which of these do you prefer and why? (300 Words) Q2) Is the economic planning relevant in the context of globalized economy of India?Elucidate (200 Words)

Psychology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 30

ARCHIVES 07 October 2014 1) he History of psychology show ‘mind-body’ approach as one of the  popular ways of explaining behavior. Discuss how this is being revisited in modern psychology.(200 words) 2) What, in your view, are the psychological problems that physically  challenge people are more prone to? (200 words)