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The Big Picture – Vacancies in Key Posts: What is the impact?



  • For some time now concerns are being expressed in several quarters about the vacancies in key posts in government institutions. Like Chief Information Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commissioner, Vigilance Commissioner, High Court judges and police department.
  • The post of CIC has been vacant since 5 weeks.
  • A question also had been raised in the Supreme Court about the transparency in the methodology of shortlisting for various constitutional/non constitutional posts.
  • The selection is being delayed due to 2 issues. One is the composition of the selection committee. Second is the procedure for shortlisting the eligible candidate.
  • There is considerable opacity in shortlisting of the eligible candidates.
  • It is being said that complacency in the government is the reason for all these delays.
  • Whatever might be the reason, the onus is on the government to quickly fill these posts.
  • All these institutions are required for oversight, vigilance and scrutiny. Hence, strengthening of these institutions is necessary.
  • These vacancies also create workload. And hence the justice will be delayed.
  • Some leaders say that since there is no leader of the opposition, appointments to various key posts (which require the Opposition leader to be a part of the selection committee) are delayed. But, experts opine that even the leader of the largest party in opposition could fill the post of Opposition Leader in the selection committee.