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The Big Picture – Defying Election Commission: How to handle it?



  • Some of the influential leaders have always been defying the election commission’s Code of Conduct and its orders.
  • This is also said to be a corrupt practice and violation of law.
  • National parties are not paying much attention on this.
  • The best solution is to place the responsibility on political parties. Civil society can only play a complimentary role.
  • Model Code of Conduct has been adopted by political parties.
  • There are 3 main stakeholders in this process; one, Election Commission; second, the political parties; third, the people who are going to vote. All three have to play role to maintain the order.
  • These are also the defiance and violation of Representation of People act.
  • Election commission should have some judicial powers to take direct action during the times of elections on certain issues.
  • This is the time for the people of India to say NO to communal and non-secular politics. The entire country must rise as one.
  • It is clear that Election Commission has not been very effective in dealing with such cases. And hence, there is a need to empower the Election Commission to deal with such cases.