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New Comment Policy – You Need to Login to Comment


Recently few people who were hell-bent on maligning Insights and disturbing serious aspirants from writing answers were creating problems. It was difficult to monitor them all the time.

Now we have introduced an option to login from either your Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress accounts and start posting your comments/answers/queries.


1) Only serious aspirants can comment now

2) Mischievous elements can be identified and taken appropriate action

3) It save you lots of time – you don’t have to enter your details every time you want to post a comment. Once logged in, it’s breeze to comment.

4) Don’t worry about privacy too – you can choose any public name for display.

5) Less spam

Following screenshots will explain what to do:

1) You Can Find LOGIN link at top right hand corner just below the menu:


2) The LOGIN page will look like this (below image). There you can directly login with Facebook, Google or Twitter account. In future we will add Yahoo, Instagram, Microsoft Live and other options too.


3) You can also choose, ‘Log in with’. If you choose this option, you need to register with This is helpful too – you can start your own blog later with this account!


4) In the above image click ‘Register’. It is a easy two step procedure. Once done, you can always comment at Insights using this account.

5) Once logged in, you will see a dashboard above. Now you are a ‘subscriber’ of Insights. You can edit your profile to choose whichever name you want and stay anonymous too! You can see ‘Edit Profile’ option at top right corner.

46) Once you click ‘Edit Profile’, you can change your username and password too.



Disclaimer: This feature is added to encourage serious aspirants to participate and discourage idiots from disturbing others. Absolutely there is no other intention behind this.

Those who do not register can always see all the content. Everything will be accessible all the time.  You can subscribe by entering email to get all the updates. But if you want to comment, you need to login (see above screenshots).