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The Big Picture – Modi’s US Visit: Has it heralded a new beginning?


The Indo -US relation which is going through a rough period needs to be restored. Prime Minister Modi’s visit is expected to improve the bilateral relationship.

The US has also been showing some special interest in India in the recent years.

The PM did not discuss about Geopolitics.

The PM proposed “make in India” global initiative in US and asked the US companies to come and invest in India.

He also expressed his willingness to make India as a link between east and the west.

It is necessary for India to play a balanced role to tap the opportunities from both the eastern and western countries.

The PM has been trying to instil a new confidence in corporate industries in US.  And the PM has also been spreading the message of effective governance.

There seems to be certain similarity in the political trajectory of Narendra Modi and Barack Obama. And in the American scheme of things, at least, it matters if there are personal equations.

The US has also been modest in their estimation. They said that the deliverables are possible in 3 areas: defence and security cooperation, clean energy and climate change.

This visit is not just about rebooting the hung relationship between the two countries but it is also about imparting a fresh focused approach.

He also expressed India’s readiness to revive the relationship and realize the untapped potential it has got.

After the visit of Indian PM, the investors and business community in US have found some ground for confidence.