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Ethics and Integrity: Answer Writing Challenge – 46


29 September 2014

You are visiting a famous animal zoo with your husband and two children. Your family is near a lion’s enclosure enjoying the view of Asiatic lion pride. Your husband is explaining to your children some interesting facts about these lions. While doing so, an 18 year old boy, standing next to your husband, starts climbing the barricade to get a full view of the pride. Unfortunately, he slips and falls into lion enclosure. Around 2-3 lions approach him and start mauling him while the public is watching with shock. Around you there are no security guards or any authorities from zoo. Few minutes later, the body of the boy is torn apart by the lions.

1) In situation like this, what will you do? Explain. (100 Words)

2) Recently an incident similar to above case study was reported in news. On whom will you  put blame for the death of the boy in the above case study? Explain why. (150 Words)

3) At home, your husband is arguing that security guards (assuming they were around the enclosure)  should have shot dead lions to save the boy. But you are putting blame on the boy himself. To support his argument, your husband is asking you what would you have done if one of your children had fallen into the enclosure – shoot lions (assuming you had fully loaded gun) or stand there watching helplessly?

In the light of above arguments, critically comment if it is ethical to kill animals to save humans? (200 Words)