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Ethics and Integrity: Answer Writing Challenge – 41


15 September 2014

I) You are working as DM of a district where illegal mining of sand is rampant. Recently there was an accident between a truck illegally carrying sand and a government passenger bus. Many passengers died on the spot because of the accident. Ever since you assumed power, you are trying to curb this illegal mining of sand. Because of negligence and involvement of police officers at local level, illegal mining is going on in many parts of the district despite your efforts to curb it. These trucks which travel on narrow village roads, have not only damaged roads, they have also caused traffic problem for passenger vehicles frequently causing accidents.

The media and some people from a political party are protesting against you after the bus accident. They are saying that you are working hands in glove with the sand Mafia. There is also an accusation that you have some personal rivalry with the Superintendent of Police. Moreover, even local media is portraying you as someone intentionally allowing illegal sand mining in the district.

In this situation, what are your options? How will you deal with accusations? And how will you manage the situation? (250 Words)