SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Mars Curiosity rover reaches its primary destination After more than two years of touching down on Mars, NASA’s Curiosity rover has finally reached the foothills of Mount Sharp, the primary destination it was designed to explore. Mount Sharp is a Mount-Rainier-size mountain at the centre of the vast Gale Crater and the …

[UPSC Mains-2014] Insights Secure: Questions On Current Events, 15 September 2014

ARCHIVES 15 September 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words: 1) What is coal bed methane? Write a note on its availability in India and its uses. Business Standard 2) Write a critical note on China’s commercial interests and investments in India. Business Standard Business Standard 3) Write a note on the causes, …

General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 16

ARCHIVES 15 September 2014 Effect of Globalization on Indian Society: 1) Critically comment on the effect of globalisation on working women in India. (200 Words) Source-1 Source-2 2) People with disabilities are one of the most disenfranchised groups in India. Critically examine how economic globalisation has affected them. (200 Words) Source   

Sociology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 12

ARCHIVES 15 September 2014 Write short notes on any two of the following: (200 Words) (a) Social movements in post-independence India. (b) Industrialisation and social change in India. (c) Role of religion in the traditional Indian society. (d) Unintended consequences of planned social change in India.

Commerce and Accountancy-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 1

ARCHIVES 15 September 2014 Paper 2 : Subject : Organizational Theory.  : Evolution of Organization Theory : 1. Modern organization theory , a new paradigm, is not merely an extension of the old, rather it is a fundamental reconstruction. Its premises are based upon a conception of an organization as open, organic, probabilistic system as …

Psychology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 11

ARCHIVES 15 September 2014 Q1.What do you understand by national character and how is it developed?is it a valid concept? Examine. (200 words) Q2.Suggest some rehabilitation methods for the people who are victim of Natural disasters (flood,earthquake etc)? (250 words)

Public Administration-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 11

ARCHIVES 15 September 2014 Topic – “New Public Management & Good Governance” (Challenge 11)   1. Varied lessons to improve governance capacity today emerge from World bank prescriptions, studies by Commonwealth secretariat and experience of other countries globally. Discuss. (250 Words)   2. Explain each of the following: (In less than 100 words)   a) “Re-inventing government” by …