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Ethics and Integrity – Answer Writing Challenge – 40


13 September 2014

I) You are working as Superintendent of Police. In a village which comes under your jurisdiction a gang rapes has taken place. A school teacher has been raped by four youths. The parents of the lady directly complain you that the local Sub-Inspector has not registered case against those youths and moreover, when their daughter went to register a complain, he insulted and then threatened her with consequences if she went before media or made the case public. They also tell you that the lady teacher was not sent for medical check-up. Now the media doesn’t know about the case, nor does the public. The parents allege that the local Sub-Inspector has taken bribe from those youth and has let them off without registering a case against them. Now the parents are saying that as a last resort they would go before the media, but they are scared about revelation of their daughter’s identity and losing her job too.

In this scenario, what will you do? Explain. (200 Words)