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Ethics and Integrity – Answer Writing Challenge – 37


10 September 2014


I. A school van carrying 20 children hits a passenger bus en-route to school. Three women in the passenger bus and 4 children in the school van die on the spot. It was the fault of driver of school van who jumped the signal and hit the passenger bus. The driver of school van escapes unhurt and then escapes from the accident spot. The government announces cash relief to all the victims – dead and injured. At the same time, the government cancels recognition to the school to which the van belongs to. The police, on complaint from the aggrieved parents, arrests the principal of the school and a search party is sent to arrest the absconding driver.

  1. Is government right in its actions mentioned in the case study? Substantiate. (200 Words)
  2. Is it right to arrest the school principal? Explain why. (150 Words)

II. What are the important elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI)? Explain the importance of EI in family life. (200 Words)

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