General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 12

ARCHIVES 10 September 2014 Terrorism and Strategic Issues: 1) What do you understand by Nuclear Terrorism? Critically discuss its possible origins and threats to India. (200 Words) Reference – IDSA (Introduction and Page 45) 2) It is said that USA is inching towards energy independence. Discuss it geopolitical implications, especially on India. (200 Words) Reference – IDSA …

Management-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 1

ARCHIVES 10 September 2014 Q1. Explain the concept of core competitiveness. And its importance in the current cooperate world. (400 Words) Q 2. How the management planning is different from strategic management plaining? Explain with suitable example. (250 Words) Q3. Describe the following: (200 Words Each) SWOT Analysis PEST Analysis BCG Matrix .